Bunny tales to pass the time

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Mar 31, 2020 2 mins read

Sprowston author Robert Smith has released some audio stories for families to enjoy while they are stuck at home.

When Robert was a child, his father told him stories about the rabbits who lived in the woods next door. When he retired, Robert found a tape recording of his father reading the stories and decided to update them for his grandchildren.

This led to two books – My Bunny Rabbit Adventures, and Butterflies and Wrens – both based on those original stories.

“As a legacy to my father, I wrote the stories down, brought them up to date, and published them. My two granddaughters can now read me the stories my father used to read to me 60 years ago. How wonderful is that!” he said. 

Robert said he is donating £1 from each sale of both books in either paperback or eBook format to the national charity Meningitis Now.

We will be publishing an audio story every couple of days to keep your little ones amused.

For an introduction – and to meet the bunnies – follow this link and follow any instructions on your device – https://1drv.ms/u/s!AtJCub4Veq6ilXI1z0vflhKaHoMJ

For today’s story, The Bunny and the Boat, follow this link – https://1drv.ms/u/s!AtJCub4Veq6ilXO1HcLwOqYIl6NN

To order a copy of his books and to read today’s story online, visit www.bunnyrabbitstories.com

We will be including a feature about Robert, and his bunnies, in the next printed edition of Just Sprowston.

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