Eaton & Cringleford

Burial ground needs help

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Jul 3, 2020 1 min read

St Andrew’s Church, in Eaton, is calling for support to help maintain Eaton Burial Ground as its maintenance fund has nearly run out.

And with only two years’ worth of money in the coffers and the church is planning how to cut costs.

This summer it is experimenting with ways to make the whole area more nature friendly, improving the biodiversity of what is already a beautiful resource for the community. This will involve cutting some paths between the lines of graves and trimming the hedges only once.

In the autumn the area will be scythed and raked by the Conservation Volunteers. This will promote the rapid growth of an attractive wild flower meadow.

Any practical or financial help  would be greatly appreciated. Gifts should be labelled for St Andrew’s Eaton PCC Burial Ground and posted to the Church Office, 41 Church Lane, Eaton, Norwich NR4 6NW.

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