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Caroline Quentin unearths more historic properties in Restoration Home

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Aug 22, 2013 3 mins read

The restoration of St Peter’s Barn, at Horstead, will be featured next Wednesday on TV, as Caroline Quentin returns to follow the fortunes of eight properties, all facing a struggle for survival, all with committed new owners wanting to turn historic ruins into dream homes.

Each episode of restoration Home features a different property, following the journey as their owners strive to save them from ruin and transform them into wonderful 21st century homes. The episode BBC 2, on Wednesday August 21 at 8pm will follow the restoration of the Grade II Tithe Barn.

With the help of architectural expert Kieran Long and social historian Dr Kate Williams, the series delves into the history of the buildings, revealing past secrets and finding clues in the buildings themselves to unearth their astonishing lives.

The moment Graham and Nicola walked into St Peter’s Barn they knew it was the family home they had been searching for. At 35m long and 20m high, the crumbing Cathedral-like interior would appear an impossible dream to most, but roofer and builder Graham saw its potential and the couple decided to pour their life savings into buying it.

A last remnant of a once grand and wealthy estate, St Peter’s Barn had been overlooked for generations and carved up by modern farming practices. With new owners however, the barn is still far from saved.

As Graham begins the mammoth task of restoring the roof the country is hit by freak thunderstorms and the whole building is in danger of collapse – Graham discovers the entire roof is being supported by just one rotten beam. As he battles to save it, the historical investigation throws up clues which rewrite the history books and a surprise link to a famous 18th Century architect.

As evidence pointing to its importance grows, will the barn survive this restoration at all?

Tune in to find out.


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