Changes as town reopens

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Jun 15, 2020 2 mins read

As shops begin to open again, authorities have taken several steps to prepare for the changes and to keep both shoppers and shop staff safe in Aylsham.

And there have been some major changes to how motorists and pedestrians can get around town.

Red Lion Street will be one-way to traffic (north to south) and barriers will be used to make the pavements two metres wide. There will also be gaps in the barriers to allow for crossing points and resident access.

Penfold Street will have barriers to provide a pavement on the Conservatory side of the road, and traffic is expected to give priority to those leaving town and heading in the Blickling direction.

Barriers will be used to provide pavement widening in the Market Place from Coxford Butchers up to Gate of India and also will be used around the loading bay on the J B Postle side to provide a safe queuing space for bus users and store customers.

Broadland District Council has installed foot-operated hand sanitiser units around the town to encourage people to keep their hands clean. These are located in front of the town hall, in front of the public toilets, near the Barclays cashpoint, on Penfold Street by Concept Carpets, at the bottom of the churchyard steps and in the two Broadland-owned visitor car parks.

Markings have been put on the pavements to encourage people to use a one-way route, and barriers have also been put in to create spaces for pedestrians to social distance.

Acting liaison officer Chloe Griffin said: “We had hoped that we could use planters for this, but due to the narrowness of the streets in Aylsham this will not be possible. We are exploring ways that we could potentially make the barriers more attractive though, perhaps through using hanging flower planters.”

Footprint stickers to help shops with outside queues should also be in place this week and extra bike racks are being provided to encourage more people to cycle into town.

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