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Mar 27, 2020 2 mins read

Aylsham Chess Club players are using technology to help them cope with social distancing and isolation – and to allow them to enjoy their favourite hobby.

The 2019-20 Norfolk chess season has been suspended, and distance and isolation rules mean that players are unable to play with anyone except opponents living in the same house.

To make sure Covid-19 does not stop play, Aylsham Chess Club’s novel approach is to adapt some computer software to allow their players to continue playing each other – and other chess players around the world.

Jonathan Reeve, Aylsham Chess Club secretary, said: “We are particularly concerned about elderly chess players staying healthy. One of the Aylsham Chess Club players has kindly created a portal to allow our players to continue enjoying chess over the coming weeks.

“Yesterday, I played someone in Canada, which was great – even though I lost!”

Members can visit https://www.chess.com/club/aylsham-chess-club to access the site.

Other chess enthusiasts can also visit www.chess.com, to play games against people all over the world or solve chess puzzles.

Our photo shows Aylsham Hurricanes playing Norfolk and Norwich Nightingales prior to the suspension of face-to-face chess.

left to right – Ria Ranjitkar, David Moore and Cristina Casti of Norfolk and Norwich Nightingales, John Wickham (standing) and Jonathan Reeve, Matthew Perry, Bob Grindrod & Bruce Carman of Aylsham Hurricanes

To find out more about Aylsham Chess Club, email: aylshamchessclub@gmail.com. For details of other Norfolk Chess Clubs visit: www.norfolkchess.org/clubs

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