Check out Christmas and new year bin collection

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Dec 2, 2015 2 mins read

New waste and recycling calendars will help people across North Norfolk understand how their wheelie bin collection dates will be affected by public holidays such as Christmas, New Year’s Day and Easter.

Every year North Norfolk District Council’s collection dates over Christmas and other public holidays differ slightly, sometimes taking place a day or two earlier or later than expected.

The new calendars show when wheelie bins will be collected over the next 12 months, from this December. Each calendar is specific to the usual day of collection, so people with Monday collections will receive different calendars to those with Tuesday collections and so on.

The calendars show any changes to collections as a result of public holidays by showing the actual collection date highlighted in yellow. If the dates haven’t changed they will appear in white. On the reverse side it illustrates what can go in the green recycling bin. Calendars will be hung on wheelie bins in the next few days, following emptying.

Waste contractors Kier started to deliver the newly designed information to all households with wheelie bins on November 30.

The information can also be seen online at Simply enter your postcode and then select your property name.


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