Council tax rise to be considered

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Feb 9, 2021 2 mins read

County council budget proposals, including a 3.99pc rise in council tax, will be considered by the authority’s scrutiny committee this month.

The meeting, on Wednesday, February 17,  will scrutinise the cabinet’s proposed revenue and capital budgets for 2021/22, including proposed investments and savings.

Scrutiny committee chairman Steve Morphew said: “Lurching from one year to another is no way to run the finances of a council like Norfolk. We are facing challenges from all angles and need to make sure Norfolk people are getting the best possible services using their money wisely.

“That needs openness, transparency and honesty to enable the scrutiny committee to do its job on behalf of Norfolk. We all benefit from robust challenges to make sure genuine problems are tackled and not used as an excuse for inaction.”

The meeting will scrutinise:

  • the proposed £439m revenue budget – spending on services and running costs, funded by council tax, business rates and government funding. By law, this budget must always be balanced
  • proposals to raise general council tax by the government’s guideline figure – 1.99pc – and raise the adult social care precept by 2pc in 2021/22 and 1pc the following year. This would raise the county council’s overall share of council tax by 3.pc meaning a band D property’s payment would increase by £56.43 to £1,472.94 for 2021-22.
  • the proposed £537m capital budget – spending on infrastructure – funded by government grants, land sales and borrowing.

The revenue budget report says that the council has seen its government funding reduce by £92.8m since 2015, while cost pressures on children’s services and adults’ services rose by £40.1m last year alone.

People can submit questions to the committee via committees@norfolk.gov.uk up until 5pm on Friday, February 12.

The final decision on the budget will be taken at the full council meeting at 10am on Monday, 22 February.

You can view the scrutiny committee’s reports and access the meeting, live from 10am on February 17 by clicking here.

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