Cromer’s Banksy will be protected

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Aug 18, 2021 2 mins read

Cromer found itself making international news this month as elusive street artist Banksy took a “spraycation” around the east coast.

One of the works which sprang up overnight was on the East Prom, where a mural depicted hermit crabs looking for “luxury rentals” in the popular holiday resort.

Other works appeared at other resorts around the east coast, including Gorleston, Gt Yarmouth and Lowestoft, and after Banksy posted a video online of his road trip, they have all been verified as genuine.

The ones at Lowestoft and Gorleston have already been vandalised, so North Norfolk District Council has is making sure our Banksy is kept safe.
Steve Blatch, chief executive, said: “Since the artwork on Cromer East Beach has been confirmed as a Banksy, large numbers of people have travelled to the town to view it.

Still photos taken from Banksy’s Instagram video showing his “Spraycation”.

“The Cromer piece is in a vulnerable location due to the tides and would be vulnerable to being discoloured or lost over time through natural processes. North Norfolk District Council is therefore arranging for a protective varnish to cover the artwork which will be installed later this week.
“In the meantime to protect the artwork a temporary plywood cover has been installed meaning the artwork will not be available to view until later this week.”

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