Cromer’s HSBC branch to close

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Nov 30, 2022 2 mins read

Cromer’s HSBC branch will be among 114 which the banking giant plans to close during 2023, leaving customers with a 23 mile trip to the nearest branch in Norwich.
The town’s bank is listed to go in the first round of closures in April and the company says it will be using the money saved to update and improve its remaining branches.
In a statement, HSBC said the move was because more and more customers were moving to online banking, with some branches serving fewer than 250 customers a week.

“The decision to close a branch is never easy or taken lightly, especially if we are the last branch in an area, so we’ve invested heavily in our ‘post closure’ strategy, including providing free tablet devices to selected branch customers who do not already have a device to bank digitally, alongside one-to-one coaching to help them migrate to digital banking, said a spokesman.
North Norfolk MP Duncan Baker (pictured) said he was ready to lead a fight to keep HSBC facilities in the town.
“I am extremely disappointed to learn that one of the 114 HSBC branches set to close includes the HSBC branch in Cromer, set to close in April 2023,” he said.

“I recognise how much of an issue and problem this poses, not just for many people in Cromer, but also for the surrounding areas. With an elderly demographic and a vibrant business community, not to mention the many visitors, this is a hammer blow for so many of us.
“In the letter that I received from HSBC it detailed that the nearest branch is in Norwich, 23.1 miles from the current branch. This sort of distance is simply too far for residents to have to travel. It is totally unacceptable.
“I worked with many stakeholders in Holt to save Barclays banking facilities there and I will do the same in Cromer.”

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