Dan’s bacon butties are the best in Britain

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Jun 30, 2017 2 mins read

Everyone loves a bacon sandwich – and the best in the country can be bought from a van in a layby in Sprowston.

Burger Dan’s bacon butties have been voted as the best in Britain in a survey of tradespeople who stop off for snacks all over the country.

His spotless shiny van, parked near Sprowston Manor Hotel, is a welcome sight for hungry lorry drivers, businesspeople and anyone driving along Wroxham Road who is feeling a bit peckish.

But although he has lots of regulars who love his butties, burgers and bangers, Dan Ball is not sure why his bacon baps are the considered Britain’s best, saying he just tries to give the customers what they want.

“I ask people how they want them and I make them for them,” he said.

The contest was launched following research by IronmongeryDirect, which found that the classic bacon sandwich was the breakfast of choice for the nation’s tradespeople. As part of the nationwide competition, people were asked to nominate the establishment they felt made the country’s best butty – be it a grand hotel or a simple roadside van.

And Dan streaked ahead of the pack.

From his retro-style van, Dan offers a choice of soft white or granary baps, proper branded sauces – and three succulent rashers per roll.

“I don’t get many complaints,” said Dan, who has had the stall for six years. “I get the odd greedy one but it keeps the truck drivers happy!”

Dan believes the fact that he uses quality ingredients from local suppliers is what keeps his regulars coming back for more.

His bacon is from Broadland Hams and the bread is from the Crusty Corner bakery – both suppliers he has used for years.

“I like nice things; I don’t cut corners,” he said.

So when he gets time for a bacon bap, how does Dan like it?

“I like a granary roll and plain bacon,” he said. “Let it speak for itself.”

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