Young Aylsham YouTuber’s success story

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Jul 19, 2018 3 mins read

How do you cope when all of a sudden your life completely changes? From a quiet schoolboy to a worldwide famous YouTube star, this is the reality for Dom Lawrence, DomVlogs. He spoke to classmates Sophie Smith and Evie Cowling.


Young vlogger Dom Lawrence has gone from an unknown schoolboy to a national name due to his pranks, challenges and personal stories filmed for the internet.

Dom has been filming since 2010 and, so far, his channel has attracted 322,000 loyal subscribers.

Dom is a 15-year-old boy who lives in Aylsham and goes to Aylsham High School as well as being a YouTuber.

He said: “I have been interested in YouTube since I was young, watching various different YouTubers such as Shane Dawson and Saffron Barker.”

He was inspired by his friends and people he was watching at the time and his skills and content have become more advanced over the years, gaining him more and more followers.

Dom describes his channel in three words – fun, creative and exciting – and describes himself as fun, adventurous and creative. That’s all present in his videos.

Dom worries that his channel affects his school life, with late-night editing and attending YouTube events when he should, perhaps, be doing homework or focusing on school.

But sometimes his attention on school and exams isn’t his main priority when his channel is involved. Dom admits that school hasn’t been the easiest since he started his channel and, despite him receiving a lot of nasty backlash and negative comments, he says he “wouldn’t change it for the world”.

He has had plenty of support, especially from his family who think what he is doing is “incredible”.

With his most successful video reaching more than six million views, his work is very popular and this is just the start. Dom has gone on to have many partnerships and collaborations, and has attended the most famous YouTube event ever this year, pushing him and his career further into the spotlight.

In 20 years’ time Dom hopes to be presenting and acting and still creating content for his 322,000 fans with that figure still rising. For new and upcoming YouTubers Dom’s advice is: “Be yourself, be confident and don’t follow the crowd.” He also said from experience: “Never let any hate or backlash affect you.”

For our final question in our interview we asked Dom: “If you could be any Disney character, who would you be and why?”

“The genie from the movie Aladdin released in 1992,” he said: “Because I could finally be free.” This is how Dom feels about his channel being open to the world and having opportunities for him to express himself without being confined in a bottle.

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