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Apr 13, 2016 2 mins read

TV cameraman Duncan Ayers has covered some unusual training ground while getting ready for the London Marathon.

The 35-year-old, from Sheringham, said: “I love to run here but I’m a television cameraman so my training runs have been taking place while filming BBC’s One Show, TFI Friday, TOTP and most recently at 2,000ft while working on The Jump in Austria.” He was also seen running a lap at the Cheltenham Festival while working on the Channel 4 Racing.

As a 21-year-old away at Surrey University, Duncan took the unusual decision not to party the night away but instead run a marathon.

“I ran the London Marathon in 2001 and raised more than £2,000 for Sheringham Lifeboat. My family have had ties to the lifeboat for generations. Both the Ayers family have had crew members and the West’s history is entwined with the Sheringham station,” he said.

Aged 31, he did it again, this time raising money for the spinal injuries association, a charity which had helped his brother Simon after he was paralysed in a work accident.

This year he was lucky enough to get a ballot place and was able to pick another charity he felt passionately about.

This year’s race will be the first without support from his dad, who died in 2014 after battling for years against Amyloidosis, a genetic hereditary disease that attacked his kidneys.

“The charity I’m running for is the UCL Amyloidosis research fund. They are not like the big charities and cannot buy places in the London Marathon so using my ballot place means I’m the sole runner for the charity.”

All the money raised will go directly to research.

“To stop this disease would be a legacy dad would be proud of,” said Duncan.

You can help Duncan reach his £4,000 goal via

Pictured below is Duncan and his dad (moustache) in their training vests. His dad died in 2014.

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