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Eaton Primary School out of special measures

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Oct 13, 2014 3 mins read

Staff, pupils and parents at Eaton Primary School have been praised for their remarkable achievement in taking their school from special measures to “good” in under 12 months.

Ofsted inspectors said the school had “improved significantly” since its last inspection, and was now “good” across the board. “The school has improved rapidly…and is now leading to good learning and accelerating progress in all year groups.”

Inspectors also highlighted the effectiveness of the school’s new headteacher and management team, which had “successfully tackled” issues identified in the last inspection, and “ensured better teaching had led to improved achievement”. Standards were identified as being “above average in the Early Years Foundation Stage, Key Stage 1 and many aspects of Key Stage 2”.

Special mention is also made of the school’s “successful new challenge curriculum”, which had “made school more enjoyable and productive for pupils who now develop the skills they need to learn quickly and securely”.

In addition, inspectors said: “good provision in Early Years means Reception children make good progress”.

The school’s provision for spiritual, moral, social and cultural development and pupil and behaviour was described as “strong”, and pupils’ behaviour had “improved significantly” since the last inspection.

“Pupils are now much more focussed on their work because they are challenged to learn better and are much more interested in what they are learning,” said inspectors.

Attendance has also “improved markedly and is now above the national average for primary schools”.

Inspectors emphasised the local authority’s “prompt action” in enabling the appointment of an “experienced headteacher” and an Interim Executive Board (IEB) to oversee improvements. “The IEB has worked closely with school leaders and staff and brought about purposeful school improvement,” said inspectors. “They have been both supportive and challenging when needed.”

Douglas Dale, the school’s headteacher, said: “Eaton Primary School is a wonderful school to be involved in and everyone has worked incredibly hard as a team to improve the learning for our pupils. Well done and thank you to the whole school community.”

David Lennard Jones, chairman of the IEB, said: “To go from special measures to good in less than a year is a remarkable achievement, and is really down to the strong leadership of the school by the county headteacher and his management team. They have inspired everyone in the school and its community to pull together to make these dramatic improvements.

“Their clear vision and determination is matched by significant parental support, and the remodelling of the school buildings over the summer has also helped to accelerate the progress because it has improved the environment for learning and teaching.

“Now we need to ensure that the school can sustain this rapid improvement for the long term; we want the school to go from strength to strength in the months and years to come.”

Eaton Primary School

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