Famous faces in Sheringham

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Oct 21, 2015 1 min read

The fame of the town’s 1940s weekend is spreading far and wide.

Chris Gleadell posted a collection of pictures from the weekend, including the one below, online and a couple of days later received an email from a woman in California called Linda LeBlanc Willason saying how much she’d enjoyed the pictures of the weekend’s festivities and noticed a couple of shots were just crying out to be painted.

As a member of an artists’ community in the USA she asked if she could share a couple with her fellow artists.

He said: “I was only too pleased to say yes and asked Linda to keep in touch if anyone attempted to paint the ladies concerned.

“I got another email from her almost a month later, with the painting (above) attached. It was painted by an artist in Texas called Debra Duke.”

He would like to track down the subjects to let them know that they’d been immortalised in oils over the Atlantic.

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40s paint 1

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