Firefighter training begins

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Jun 19, 2020 2 mins read

Twelve newly recruited on-call firefighters have started their training, with strict health and safety measures in place to make sure their course can go ahead.

Thirty-nine of Norfolk’s 42 fire stations rely on on-call staff, either fully or in-part, so these firefighters have a crucial role to play.

Stuart Ruff, chief fire officer, said: “Whilst the covid-19 pandemic has changed the way we work, protecting Norfolk, the public and our staff remains our top priority and we continue to run a fully operational fire and rescue service. To do this, we need to maintain staffing levels across the county which is why we are continuing to recruit and train new on-call firefighters.

“In order to run the course, we have done full risk assessments and have strict control measures in place at the training centre. I am very grateful to our staff for their commitment to keeping our communities safe, their willingness to work flexibly and for the speed in which they have adapted to the challenges created by the covid crisis.”

Trainee firefighters in the lecture room at the training centre.

Health and safety measures put in place at the Bowthorpe training centre include checking for signs or symptoms and temperature checks each day, observing two metre distancing in the lecture room – for staff and recruits – individual visits to the canteen and wearing PPE during practical training where social distancing cannot be maintained.

Masks are worn for practical training out in the yard.

On successful completion of their two-week training, the new on-call firefighters will be stationed across Norfolk where they will continue on the job training for 12 months.

Wholetime recruits who were midway through their training in March were able to finish the course by applying social distancing and staying away from their families while they completed it.

They have now been stationed across Norfolk and their passing out parade will be held at a later date.

Norfolk Fire and Rescue Service runs regular training courses for on-call firefighters. Anyone interested in becoming part of the fire service family should check www.norfolk.gov.uk/fire for the latest vacancies.

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