First class delivery from ‘Fred’ and friends

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May 30, 2020 2 mins read

If you see Fred Flintstone in your front garden with your post, give him a wave – or better still, pop online and give him some money!

Postmen and women up and down the country have been raising money for various different charities over the past few weeks – including the team covering Holt and the surrounding area.

Ben, from Holt, gets ready for his round as Fred Flintstone…

Lots of the staff from the Fakenham delivery office have been doing their rounds in fancy dress for the last couple of weeks, rain or shine, and so far have raised more than £3,500 for Little Lifts, a charity helping women undergoing breast cancer treatment.

“When the idea was suggested, everyone was really keen to take part,” said a Fakenham Posties spokesman. “We decided on Little Lifts as one of the posties’ wives is having chemotherapy and she came up with this little charity. They make such a difference with their little boxes of treats at the start of the treatment.”

Around 20 staff have been donning fancy dress, including Ben, who delivers in Holt.

“Last week he was Fred Flintstone, this week he’s a cowboy…” said the spokesman.

Some of the characters out on their rounds raising money for Little Lifts.

Some of the posties are buying and swapping their own costumes, but there is a weekly delivery from Arnie’s Attic, in Dereham, to keep the element of surprise on their rounds. They have included animal onesies, scout uniforms, superhero costumes, cartoon characters, inflatable creations…. and the recent heatwave hasn’t put the posties off donning some rather warm choices to keep the customers happy.

“On the hottest day of the year, one lad said he’d take Scooby Doo. We thought he’d be too hot, but he said, ‘The kids are expecting it’.

“The response has been beyond our wildest dreams.”

You can keep up with what the latest costumes are on the Posties of Fakenham Facebook page and you can click here to make a donation.

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