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Jan 25, 2017 3 mins read


Many of us would not consider ourselves to be wasteful. There are few people above chopping off the sprouting parts of potatoes that have been left at the back of a cupboard and does anyone really have an issue with eating a banana that has gone slightly brown?

It seems that not everyone has as loose standards as me because it has been reported that in Norfolk, food waste makes up approximately one third of the contents of our bins. The average family could save £700 a year, simply by throwing away less food.

Plan Eat Save is Norfolk County Council’s campaign to help Norfolk residents reduce their food waste and save money. Part of the campaign has been to encourage people to sign up to the Food Waste Challenge, which I myself did back in September at a Plan Eat Save cooking demo outside the Forum in Norwich.

The cooking demo was hosted by one of Norfolk’s best-loved chefs and YouTubers, Ian Haste from Haste’s Kitchen. Ian is the campaign’s official ambassador and a huge advocate of stripping cooking back to the basics and getting everyone involved in creating simple but delicious meals.

Speaking at the demo, Ian said: “Fifteen million tonnes of food is thrown away in the UK every year and a huge majority of that comes from our homes. I’ve teamed up with Plan Eat Save because I want to share tips and recipe’s to help people stretch their food further and longer, and save them money. I’ll be working with Plan Eat Save to show people what to do with leftovers that will appeal to the whole family.”

Just over three months after signing up to the Food Waste Challenge with the Plan Eat Save team at the cooking demo, I reviewed my weekly online food bill and discovered that in total compared to previous months, I had saved just under £150. This was including Christmas, which we all know is a more extravagant time of year (those mince pies and quality street aren’t going to eat themselves…).

By simply using the challenge’s weekly meal planner and taking note of the weekly top tip’s on Plan Eat Save’s Instagram, I had not only saved money, I had also become more organised with meal planning and wasted less food.

To find out more and sign up to the Food Waste Challenge, visit:

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