Freya lends a hand to Aylsham refugee appeal

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Sep 11, 2015 2 mins read

A group of Aylsham people have formed a network to provide help to refugees, including those from Syria.

The Aylsham Refugee Crisis Response is helping communicate and co-ordinate efforts from people in Aylsham and the surrounding areas.

There are a number of elements to the project – fundraising for Hand in Hand for Syria and UNHCR; taking aid directly to Calais; asking people to knit blankets, especially children’s blankets and jumpers to help children and families in Syria facing a harsh winter with little medical treatment, housing, food or support; and lending support via petitions and campaigns.

One of those involved, Freya Aquarone who lives at Blickling but is currently away at university in Cambridge, went to Calais last weekend.

And on Thursday there was a bake sale for Syria in the parish church.

“It’s a group of people who just want to help and who are doing different things to give that help,” said Freya.

“My involvement has been to take supplies to Calais gathered from various parts of Cambridgeshire and Norfolk, which we did in cars a few days ago.

“To start with we didn’t think we would have enough for one car load, but we ended up taking six cars.

“The desire to do something has exploded in just a few days, much of it down to social media and networking.

“I think people see this happening close to their own doorstep, it’s visible and it’s real – so they want to respond.”

The church bake sale on September 10 raised £350 for UNCHR, there has also been over £600 raised in cash donations at the church.

The Aylsham Refugee Crisis Response group is also keen to hear from anyone locally doing anything to help the refugee crisis and they will communicate relevant information via social media, letters and posters. Check their Facebook page for more information.

St Michael's Church drop off point

St Michael’s Church drop off point

Bags of clothes packed and ready to go

Bags of clothes packed and ready to go

Church bake sale

Church bake sale


Freya Aquarone

Freya Aquarone

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