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Gas supply restored to 660 Cringleford homes

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Jan 9, 2015 2 mins read

More than 600 homes on Round House Park were left without gas on January 7 when contractors working on a new housing development damaged a gas main. A swift response from National Grid and utility infrastructure provider GTC, which manages the damaged main, resulted in restored supplies to the majority of the properties within 24 hours.
“Engineers worked late into the night and throughout the following day to restore gas to the affected homes,” said a statement from National Grid, which has been working as the gas emergency service to ensure safety and to assist GTC in repairing its gas network and restoring supplies to residents.
The damaged gas main was repaired on the evening of January 7 and gas supplies were restored to Cringleford Church of England School and to vulnerable customers to whose homes engineers were able to gain access.
Staff from National Grid and GTC were then on site from 6.30am on January 8 to continue the restoration effort. To safely restore supplies, engineers had to turn the gas off at the meter of every property, and then visit every property again to switch the gas supply back on and check that gas is flowing safely. Much of this work was carried out in the early evening as people returned from work and engineers were able to gain access to their homes.
For safety reasons residents were urged not to turn their own supplies back on until an engineer had visited. It was also important that the local electricity network was maintained as people may increase their use of electrical appliances during the loss of gas supply, and residents were asked to use only essential electricity appliances and switch off any non-essential appliances.
An incident room was set up at the Willows Community Centre, in Willow Croft Way, from which the response was coordinated.
By the end of the day on January 8, all properties affected had their gas supplies restored with the exception of about 20 to which the engineers could not gain access. For these properties a letter was left at their home explaining how to contact GTC to restore them.
If any residents smell gas or are experiencing problems with their gas supply they should contact the National Gas Emergency Service on 0800 111 999 immediately.

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