Golden chance for sporting siblings

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Jul 22, 2015 3 mins read

By Ellen Smith.

A brother and sister from near Norwich have a golden sporting opportunity but need help realising their dream.

Danny Beck, 17, and his sister Nicole, 22, have been selected to compete in the Triathlon Grande Finals in Chicago this September but need funding or sponsorship to get them there.

Danny, who has just completed his first year of A-levels at Sir Isaac Newton Sixth Form and is due to leave his home in Old Catton next year for university, is one of the youngest competitors in the sport and has already qualified to represent his country. And though the average bike for a GB triathlete could cost anywhere between £2,000 and £5,000, Danny has achieved his success on a bike made from spare parts from a cycle that he received as a birthday present.

Nicole is currently away at Plymouth University and has just finished her second year studying civil engineering.

Danny and Nicole both won gold medals in their respective age groups at the Norwich Triathlon which was held this weekend and Nicole competed in Norwich’s famous Gas Hill Gasp race, being placed as the second fastest woman overall.

Both Nicole and Danny raced in the Dambuster Olympic Distance Triathlon at Rutland Water this year, obtaining a good result in which would qualify them for the Chicago Grand Finale in September. Danny has only just come of age to race in Olympic distance events and was up against older competition on the day. Chris, their older brother, who is currently living in Warwick, said: “Both Danny and Nicole are well ahead of their ages in terms of their race times and have huge potential for the future. Getting to represent Great Britain in Chicago will boost their motivations and keep them hungry for more racing.”

Danny and Nicole have to carry out a phenomenal amount of training. Dad Steve said: “Most see triathlon as an individual sport but it’s important to appreciate just how much prepartion and training goes on before the big day and just how much of this is helped along by family, friends and training mates at the club.”

Danny trains most days a week across all three disciplines (swim, bike and run). He swims at the Virgin Active Health Centre as well as open water training at Whitlingham Lake. He trains in the gym and out on the roads through Norfolk’s countryside on the bike and he attends club running sessions with Tri-Anglia. Both Nicole and Danny are trained lifeguards. Nicole works as a beach lifeguard on the North Norfolk beaches during the summer, and Danny lifeguards at his local leisure centre.

Nicole and Danny make the most of their family for training partners in their older brother Chris and dad Steve.
Danny and Nicole have done all they need to do to successfully race in the GB colours in Chicago, but now they need help and support to cover their expenses.

They are looking for sponsors to financially support them in exchange for logo coverage on their equipment and on their blog, which they are currently designing.

You can register for sponsorship via their website or contact

Danny and Nicole Beck

Danny and Nicole Beck

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