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Goody parcel deliveries come to an end

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Jun 25, 2020 2 mins read

The last weekly goody parcels have been delivered to North Walsham hospital staff by its Friends group, ending 15 weeks of very-much welcomed support.

Since the covid-19 lockdown began, the Friends have been providing boxes of snacks, food and drink to ward nursing and support staff.

Nurses at the 24-bed unit have been doing 12-hour shifts in full protective equipment during the crisis and the Friends responded to an appeal for refreshments.

Chairman Keith Jarvis said: “Things have been tough for staff without the need to worry about getting snacks ready for work. Our weekly goody runs are a small gesture which has been well received. It has cost around £1,500 from our funds, which are donated by the public for supporting staff, patients and visitors with little ‘extras’.”

Keith Jarvis handing over the last batch of goody parcels to (left) nurse Stella Mihalache and support ward manager Diane Cremin. Photo: Richard Batson / Hospital Friends.

Support ward manager Diane Cremin said: “Staff really have appreciated, and looked forward to, the goody parcels. Work has been tough, and the parcels have been a morale booster for staff who know that other people are thinking of us during a difficult time.”

For more information about the Friends of North Walsham War Memorial Hospital, and how to support them, visit the group’s Facebook page, or click here.

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