Hellesdon couple’s honeymoon dreams come true

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Feb 17, 2017 3 mins read

The power of crowdfunding to help those in need was demonstrated recently when 125 people came together to donate £3,500 to help a Hellesdon couple go on honeymoon.
Most of us would take it for granted that after tying the knot we can escape on a romantic honeymoon, but not Sophie and Jason Adams.
Both of them have multiple sclerosis, and for Sophie in particular it has completely changed her life to the point where she is no longer able to walk, speak or even eat. But, undeterred, she was determined to find love, and in 2015 she met Jason, who has to use a wheelchair but is able to talk. The couple are soul mates, and last summer they got married.
Following their perfect day, family and friends started to discuss how nice it would be if the newlyweds could go on honeymoon. Vicky Grinnell-Wright, a school friend of Sophie’s, set up a JustGiving crowdfunding page and was amazed at the result.
“It feels like there are some very generous people who have been touched by Sophie and Jason’s story and who have, perhaps, reflected on how lucky their own relative wedding and honeymoon stories have been,” said Vicky.
“Unlike most couples, for Sophie and Jason the challenge of a honeymoon trip goes beyond which sandy white beach to choose and how to fund the Pina Coladas.”
Sophie is physically unable to fly, so a cruise from Southampton to Norway is the plan. However, to make this dream a reality a cabin will need to be specially adapted for her and Jason and there will need to be two dedicated carers on board for the duration of the trip. Special equipment will also be needed to ensure their safety and wellbeing. All of this makes something as seemingly simple as a honeymoon much more complex and costly.
In the story on the JustGiving page, Vicky asked if 300 people could give £10 each to reach the £3,500, but in reality it only took 125 people to achieve the target in 20 days – including one very generous donation of £740!
“Many of Sophie’s own friends, her sister’s friends and friends of friends have been touched by this and have given generously of their money and they well wishes,” said Vicky. “The amounts have varied, but generosity is relative and every little has helped hugely.”
The couple plan on taking their cruise at the end of June and are very excited.
Sophie and Jason said: “It’s excellent getting the honeymoon that we desire by having the crowdfunding money. Thank you to everyone that donated, especially ‘anonymous’ who was very generous!”
Vicky added: “There is little you can do to help when an illness as debilitating as this takes away even the most taken for granted ways to communicate. Soph cannot physically text or email or otherwise directly communicate to friends or family who are not in the same room as her.
“To be able to do a small thing to help is a privilege and I am grateful to her, Jason and her family for allowing me to set up the campaign.”
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Sophie Adams (left) and school friend Vicky Grinnell-Wright.

Sophie and Jason Adams on their big day. PICTURE: JOSEPH CASEY PHOTOGRAPHY

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