Hero’s welcome humbles paramedic

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Apr 4, 2020 2 mins read

An act of kindness in a Cromer supermarket has left a paramedic “humbled and emotional” as thousands of people have shared his story online.

David Tillyer, who lives in Aylsham, but works in Cromer, was queueing to do some shopping at Lidl at the end of a 12-hour night shift.

Fellow-shoppers ushered him to the front of the queue “with applause and thank-yous” – and then a stranger paid for his shopping, brushing away any protestations.

David Tillyer was humbled by the acts of kindness by shoppers in Lidl, Cromer.

In a post on Facebook, David said: “I finished my night shift this morning and joined the line of shoppers waiting to enter Lidl in Cromer. One by one they all let me ahead of them followed by a round of applause and thank-yous.

“Once I’d done my round of shopping inside, a lady I’d been chatting to in the queue ran up and swiped her card on the reader to pay for my shopping. I tried to say: ‘that’s kind, but you musn’t’ but she said with a smile: ‘not much you can do to stop me now’.

“Thank you to the lady that did that and thank you to all the shoppers that made me feel special after a tough run of shifts.”

This post has been shared 87,000 times with 124,000 Likes.

David told told Just Regional: “This is a wonderful thing, and so many of my colleagues are touched by the kindness.”

And he has asked anyone who wants to support frontline staff to donate to NARS (the Norfolk Accident Rescue Service) on https://givi.ng/261666

“Without your help they simply can’t keep doing what they do,” he said.

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