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Oct 1, 2013 3 mins read

Smokers across Norfolk are being urged to give up cigarettes for a month when this year’s Stoptober campaign launches on Tuesday, October 1.

Local stop smoking advisors will be on hand to help with the 28-day challenge to stop smoking for the whole month.

And an innovative new way to kick the habit while gaining invaluable support from others is being offered this year.

Successfully trialled in North Norfolk earlier this year, the new Quit Clubs are now being made available across the county, led by expert advisors from Smokefree Norfolk, the stop smoking service provided by Norfolk Community Health and Care NHS Trust.

Smokefree Norfolk advisor Katie McGoldrick said: “Last year, Stoptober really seemed to give people that little extra incentive to stop. By joining so many others you get a real sense of collective support.”

And she added: “Even during the Stoptober 28 days people will begin to feel the benefits of better health, increased energy, have more money and reduced stress. Some of the health benefits start after just a few hours without smoking.

“But what is really important to remember is that, if you stay off the cigarettes for just 28 days you have five times the chance of quitting for good.”

Research shows that people are more likely to give up for good with the right support, hence the introduction of the Smokefree Quit Clubs. The nearest club to Sprowston is at Norwich Community Hospital in Bowthorpe Road (NR2 3TU) which starts from September 24, 5.15pm.

James Wade, a specialist advisor from Smokefree Norfolk who helped to develop the Quit Clubs, said: “During the trial we saw people from all sorts of different backgrounds come along and they all found the Quit Club a really positive experience. Some even started competing to see whose carbon monoxide level was the lowest each week, which gave them great motivation to stay smokefree.

“The clubs inject a social element into quitting an anti-social habit and give people the chance to come together and share their experiences. Some of our members have even swapped mobile numbers so they can text each other with extra support.”

Smokefree Norfolk also offers one-to-one support, mouth sprays, patches, and gum.

During last year’s Stoptober campaign almost 300 people in Norfolk (160,000 across the UK) quit thanks to the support of stop smoking services funded by Norfolk County Council Public Health.

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