Just Aylsham helps track down bible’s ‘family’

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Apr 4, 2018 2 mins read

An old bible has been given to modern-day members of the family named on its frontispiece more than 250 years ago, thanks to Just Aylsham.

The bible had been handed in to the Aylsham Heritage Centre by an anonymous donor where it was seen by Aylsham resident Sheila Merriman during the September 2017 Heritage Open Days.

She was asked to pass it to any interested member of the Gidney family because it bears the inscription: Jeremiah Gidney.This Book be Given by Ann Flegg in the year of our Lord1762 For The Reverend Mr Thos. Browne Aylsham In Norfolk

An article in Just Aylsham didn’t attract a response and neither did Sheila’s efforts to phone all the Gidneys listed in the telephone directory.

Just as Sheila was thinking of passing the book back to the heritage centre Alan Gidney got in touch.

He and his wife June had visited the Westfield Mission in Brundall where an elder of the church gave them the copy of Just Aylsham containing the article about the bible.

Alan and June have done considerable research on their branch of the family. It’s an unusual surname, probably originating from the village of Gedney in Lincolnshire, which has been the meeting point of Gidneys, and Gedneys, from around the world.

Alan and June are now looking forward to finding out how Jeremiah Gidney, who features frequently in the annotations in the bible, fits into their ancestry.

Pictured: June and Alan Gidney





The writing on the frontispiece

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