Keep a (Ingworth) ‘troshin

Aaron Penfold
Sep 3, 2013 2 mins read

Traditional farming methods will be on show alongside more modern entertainment during the Ingworth Trosh later this month.

Held on fields where the A140 north of Aylsham turns towards Ingworth, the trosh will be on September 15 from 1pm to 5pm.

A vintage threshing machine, owned by the local Witham family, will be one of the main highlights of the day.

Other attractions will include other vintage rural machinery, a fun dog show at 3pm which is new this year, alpacas, mini Shetland ponies, the Seal and Bird Rescue Trust, the Norfolk and Norwich Medieval Association and a farmers’ market.

Stallholders with suitable stalls to fit into the countryside feel of the event can call 01263 761156 or 01263 768209. Stalls are £20.

Money raised from the event, which normally attracts about 1,000 people, will go towards churches in Alby, Erpingham and Ingworth.

“A lot of this machinery will soon only be in museums,” said Helen Burrell, churchwarden at Erpingham.

“This is a chance to see it out in the field being used by people who can both operate the machinery and are happy to explain all about it to visitors.”

Adult tickets are £4, under 16s and parking is free.

Traditional farming at Ingworth Trosh

Traditional farming at Ingworth Trosh

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