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Jul 23, 2020 3 mins read

As an early riser, Krissie Stone took her daily exercise just after 6am every morning when lockdown started.

And rather than just walk, she collected – and disposed of – any rubbish she might find along the way. She also polished up the road signs and attended to anything else she spotted that needed cleaning or tidying.

And her efforts have earned her a Broadland District Council community hero award, which she receives tomorrow.

“I love the area and have wanted to find a way to help the community for a long while,” said Krissie, who has lived in Sprowston for 25 years and brought her family up there.

And with the busy Wroxham Road enjoying rare peace and quiet, she decided it was the perfect time to do her bit.

“I am an early riser so I decided as part of my daily exercise I would, in my own way, contribute in tidying up Wroxham Road,” she said.

“Leaving the house soon after 6am most mornings I pick up litter and weed and sweep the pavements and the gutters. I wash and disinfect the bus shelters; I clean road and street signs; and sanitise the press button controls at pedestrian crossings.”

Krissie gives one of the road signs a shine up during one of her walks.

And she and her orange bucket full of cleaning products, a brush and dustpan, paint scraper and other tools soon became well-known.

“I found that once lockdown commenced people started speaking to me, saying hello, and would pass the time of day. It is so nice. Some cars (complete strangers) hoot and give me the thumbs up. Others stop and thank me for my efforts.

“I was approached by a policeman early on in lockdown and I was sure that he was going to tell me that I was contravening lockdown rules, but no – he was pleased with what I was doing and encouraged me to continue. Some of my friends think that I have got a screw loose and take the mickey out of me for this pastime of mine. But it’s all done light heartedly.”

She said she hopes that now normality has returned people will still continue to care for their community and “still find time for a smiley face and a hello or chat with others”.

Broadland District Council invited the public to nominate their Covid Community Heroes, celebrating those who went the extra mile to help others.

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