Lidl identifies Aylsham for potential new store

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Apr 26, 2023 2 mins read

Discount supermarket chain Lidl has identified Aylsham as one of the locations where it is interested in opening a new store.

The company has released its latest list of priority locations for new stores across the UK – including Aylsham and Holt.

The document contains more than 1,100 potential locations and the company has stressed it is a long list from which a small number will eventually be developed. 

Ryan McDonnell, Lidl GB CEO, said: “The last few years have been challenging for everyone, but we’ve made it clear that we’re more committed than ever to ensuring that every single household has access to a Lidl store.

“That’s why our focus is firmly on the future as we continue to grow and invest in our infrastructure, while keeping a lookout for more sites and locations across the country.

“We had over £1.4 million new shoppers coming to us from competitors over the course of the last year.”

The company says it is important locations for new stores have easy access for pedestrians and space for parking.

Lidl GB Chief Development Officer Richard Taylor added: “Our store expansion has been, and continues to be, unparalleled.

“In the last three months alone, we’ve opened 15 new stores – more than any other retailer – and in 2022 we welcomed customers through the doors of over 50 new stores.

“Our vision is to have over 1,100 stores in the future, but really there’s no ceiling on our ambition or growth potential. What’s important is that we take a strategic and sustainable approach to getting there.”

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