Lighting up time for Sheringham

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Nov 23, 2015 2 mins read

Sheringham’s own THORNTON HUMBUG reports

PIpefaceWell It’s all go in Sheringham!

Faithful readers will know I reported last on the Lights Up show previously, a fundraiser Sheringham Carnival organised to repair and purchase new lights for the towns festive illuminations.

And what a magnificent job they have done. I was lucky enough Friday night to be front and centre of the stage next to the clock tower. At the epicentre of the town, the High Street stretches down to the beach, and behind Station Road up to the Station, coincidentally enough, and Church Street with the magnificent edifice of Saint Peter. Saint Peter himself was no doubt looking down that night and was pleased with what he saw.

The roads were packed with people, somewhere near 2,000 by mine bespectacled eye, and there were 10 times or more bulbs on display.

The Carnival does a magnificent jobputting on events and amusements and all kinds of japery throughout the year. And the Christmas Lights Switch on is a jewelled crown that sits on top of the year… well like a bejewelled crown sitting on top of a Snow Queens head. On Friday night it was atop Jadis Queen of all Narnia, North Norfolk and Sheringham apparently, at the end of a very entertaining build up to the big Switch on. The folk gathered round the stage were treated to a fine rant from the Wicked Witch from Cinderalla playing just opposite in the Little Theatre.

The children of the Sheingham Junior School came onto stage and wowed everyone, backed by the Salvation Army ending with the new carol ‘Oh Little Town of Sheringham’.

Well done Carnival, well done Sheringham and God bless us every one.

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Check out Marc Pierson’s video of the night below.


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