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Dec 16, 2022 4 mins read

Cringleford actor and musician Lloyd Gorman has a busy Christmas, including creating music for two shows at The Garage in the city alongside a tour of the United States. We caught up with him between shows and popped along to have a look at one of them

You’re currently in Wise Children’s adaptation of Wuthering Heights in the US…

It’s directed by Emma Rice, whom I’ve always wanted to work with. Composer Ian Ross is somebody I admire. We were The New York Times’s critics pick and it’s been a thrilling adventure.

How did you get into performing?

I did drama at Norwich Theatre Royal from the age of nine or 10 and had drum and guitar lessons, too. I did a little bit of drama at school but was in a percussion ensemble and bands with friends.

I did drama at Norwich Theatre Royal from the age of nine or 10 and had drum and guitar lessons, too. I did a little bit of drama at school but was in a percussion ensemble and bands with friends.

Our family went to the theatre a fair amount. I remember seeing The Buddy Holly Story and Return to the Forbidden Planet. Actor/musician shows were a genre I hadn’t seen before and I thought: “God, you can do both of those things at once.” They were a massive influence.

I wanted to do music and acting, but I wasn’t sure which way to go. I was keen to go to London for the arts scene and I realised there was the opportunity to make a bespoke career for myself.

Was the move into composing planned?

I fell into it slightly on purpose, slightly by luck. Daniel Burgess [a friend from the Norwich Theatre Royal course] was directing The Pillowman in Norwich. My brother and I offered to do the soundtrack because he didn’t have anyone. From that I ended up writing music for a festival piece at the Arcola Theatre.

Daniel and Adam [Taylor, another friend from the course] then asked me to act in My First… and it became clear music was needed. Now writing shows with them is a major part of my year and I love it.

I enjoy working with people who are colleagues and friends.

As an ambassador for The Garage I’m passionate about making sure it has support from people working in the industry. It’s the only time I’m on the other side of the creative table and I like that challenge.

Tell us about the Norwich shows.

We’ve Operation Save Santa for five to 10-year-olds, an adventure story about two siblings who have to come together to save Christmas. The music is quite synth-based – I was watching a lot of Stranger Things at the time.

In Operation Save Santa it’s up to two children to help out when Santa is in trouble!

My First: Into The Snow Globe is for nought-to-fives and is an interactive, sensory story where they have a real input in how the story develops – and the music is very fun.

Why are the creative arts so important?

Theatre has given me my social life, my work life, ambition, drive, satisfaction. People I know who aren’t involved in the arts now are brilliant at their jobs because of the confidence they gained from doing drama. The Garage is a great example of using the arts to educate young people and to give them opportunities, and drive.

Government funding so there is access for everybody to be able to express themselves in an artistic way is vital, in my opinion.


In Operation Save Santa, a Christmas show at The Garage, Seb and Flick are twins who end up helping Father Christmas after receiving an SOS on a special walkie-talkie they found in their granddad’s shed.

His sleigh has broken down and only they can help him!

They find a cow to help pull the sleigh, but with time running out they need some magic – which comes in the shape of a mince pie and a very large burp (much to the amusement of all the children!). Of course, they deliver all the presents, save Christmas and have some adventures on the way.

The show was aimed at five to 10-year-olds and my seven and four-year-olds enjoyed it. Louis said it was “brilliant” and Elsie liked Flick and Santa.

But there were definitely some words in it I wouldn’t want them using, so maybe that was more for the older ones.

The acting and the music were great and the Santa costume was fab!

Lisa Butler, Louis and Elsie

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