Local radio presenters to host show containing unheard Beatles tracks

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Mar 2, 2015 2 mins read

Local radio presenters Nigel Pearce and Alan Thompson have just completed the first programme of a two part series of unreleased music from the legendary band The Beatles.

Titled Unreleased and Alternate, the programme contains many gems from the early part of The Beatles career, commencing with their version of How Do You Do It, right through to Yellow Submarine.

This project has required some length in organisation, but the end result has made it totally worthwhile said Nigel. Tracks such as Bad To Me, (A hit for Billy J Kramer, but never heard by The Beatles) will be aired along with alternate versions of And I Love Her, No Reply, and Eleanor Rigby.

Alan Thompson, from North Walsham, also added that the Stereo versions never heard before of Long Tall Sally, Thank You Girl and You Know What To Do , (a demo from With The Beatles period) are priceless unheard gems that truly do deserve to be released.

Add to that the other tracks, it makes for a stunning new album, the world would surely like to see, they both confirmed.

The programme will be broadcast Tuesday at 3pm on Future Radio 107.8FM . Part 2 is to be recorded on Wednesday 4th March for later transmission.


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