Lord Mayor James delighted to take on top civic role

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May 31, 2023 3 mins read

James Wright attended his first Lord Mayor’s procession as a toddler sat on the shoulders of his mum.
Now the Eaton councillor has assumed the top civic role himself – with his mum and fellow councillor Caroline Ackroyd appointed as his deputy.
James is leader of the Liberal Democrat group at Norwich City Council and Caroline also represents the party in Eaton. James’s wife Kate will be Lady Mayoress.

CIVIC PRIDE: Lord Mayor James Wright after he became Lord Mayor of Norwich. PHOTO: NORWICH CITY COUNCIL

Speaking at the mayor-making ceremony on May 23, James started by thanking the outgoing Lord Mayor and Sheriff for their hard work and thanked fellow councillors for putting their trust in him.
“Being Lord Mayor is perhaps the greatest honour someone born and bred in our fine city can have bestowed on them and I will do my absolute best to repay that trust,” said James.
He added: “What I have become increasingly aware of as I have grown older is the importance than many people in both Norwich and the immediate suburbs place on the role of our Lord Mayor.
“We only have to step out of this chamber and gaze out of the windows in the Mancroft Room to understand why people are drawn to our fine city; the magnificent Norman Castle – soon to be reborn – standing watch over one of the oldest markets in the country whilst close by we have our cathedrals, our universities, our churches and pubs…and, of course our football stadium…
“But it is, of course, the people that make our city.
“The Lord Mayor should strive to highlight the absolute best in our community, showcasing those organisations and individuals who are working hard to make our city what it is.
“Over the course of the next 12 months I am looking forward, along with the Sheriff, to meeting with the hundreds of thousands of individuals associated with the charity and community groups who enrich the lives of those in our city and make it the truly the special place it is; and in so doing open my eyes to some of the aspects of the city that may well have been hidden from me up until now.”
James also thanked the late Roy Blower, who was one of his predecessors as Lord Mayor.
“A true Norwich boy, Roy exemplified what it was to be Lord Mayor and, as a new councillor back in 2010, Roy was so kind and helpful to me,” said James. “During my various stints as Lord Mayor, he always offered a supportive word and would, I know, be so pleased to see me sat here today.”
Deputy Mayor and proud mum Caroline Ackroyd said: “It’s such a wonderful thing to see your son become Lord Mayor and amazing to be his deputy. It will be my fifth year in this role, but this will definitely be the most special!”
James replaces Dr Kevin Maguire as Lord Mayor and Dr Jan Sheldon replaces Caroline Jarrold as the Sheriff of Norwich.
This year’s Civic Charity appeal is the Norfolk Community Foundation, which is committed to supporting local people, communities and voluntary organisations.
For more information and to donate, visit

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