Lots of love for the Partridge

Just Regional
Jul 24, 2013 2 mins read

He arrived to cheers from the crowds who had been waiting all morning to welcome Norwich’s own.

There was a lot of love for Alan Partridge at the world premiere of the new film Alpha Papa, held today at Anglia Square after a social media campaign to bring the first showing to the city, instead of the capital.

He chatted with fans and answered questions from the gathered press, which included Just Regional.

Asked if this was a highpoint of his career and what was next for the radio DJ, he joked the only way could be down. And he praised the city, saying the film was a “love letter to Norwich”.

Alter ego actor Steve Coogan was in Sheringham and Cromer as well as Norwich earlier this year to film the new movie, which sees Alan involved in a siege at the hands of a disgruntled colleague.

There are plenty of laughs, typically cringeworthy “Alan” moments and the odd bit of pathos, and it’s rather nice to see him emerge the hero.

Local scenes abound – look out for Sheringham High Street, Cromer Pier and City Hall.

The coastal towns were well-represented today, including Sheringham mayor Doug Smith, Debbie Thompson from Sheringham Little Theatre and Cromer festivals stalwart Kate Royall.

Luck was in for one fan who got to see the film after being offered a spare ticket by one VIP guest and in general the atmosphere lived up to what Norfolk does best.

Here’s a load of lovely pictures, all by Chris Taylor (apart from the one of Chris Taylor).

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