Many changes on our streets

Just Regional
Jul 1, 2020 2 mins read

As we begin to get used to something which is being dubbed “the new normal”, businesses and shoppers are finding things very different out on the streets.

Just Regional photographers have been out and about, taking a look at how Cromer, Sheringham and Aylsham have changed to comply with government restrictions.

Scenes out and about on the streets of Sheringham, where council workers have stuck directional stickers on the pavements to ensure social distancing while shopping. Photos: Gareth Gabriel

Both North Norfolk and Broadland district councils have implemented sometimes dramatic changes, with alterations to bus routes and traffic direction – with through-traffic actually stopped in North Walsham, a move which has caused some consternation (click here for more on that).

Signs and barriers are keeping people safe and traffic flowing in Aylsham.

There are stickers on pavements showing people where to stand and shops have brought in one-way systems and distancing measures including Perspex shields at the till points. There have also been hand sanitisers installed around Aylsham to encourage people to keep cleaning their hands.

In Cromer, shops have laid out distancing tape and hand sanitiser, with perspex shielding at the till. North Norfolk District Council has also removed coach parking bays in two car parks to make more room for cars. Photos: Dave “Hubba” Roberts.

In Cromer, the NNDC has removed coach bays, allowing for more spaces for cars while coach travel is still restricted.

Some of our pubs are reopening, others – and some shops – are remaining closed for the time being until they get the lie of the land.

But it’s agreed that while shopping may feel a little unusual at the moment, local businesses have never needed your custom more.

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