More trees for Holt

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Mar 27, 2020 2 mins read

Holt Country Park now has 500 more trees growing, thanks to the efforts of a team of community volunteers and North Norfolk District Council’s countryside rangers.

The planting was part of the council’s ongoing campaign to plant 110,000 trees – one for every person in North Norfolk – over the next four years.

The park was identified as an ideal location for additional trees and 1,500 had already been planted before volunteers from Holt Day Care Centre and a further 15 members of the local community joined them to plant an additional 500 saplings on March 11. 

The new trees being planted included a mixture of lime, hornbeam, oak, Norway spruce and goat willow. As well as helping to take carbon out of the atmosphere, the planting will help to maintain a thriving natural wildlife habitat and ensure the park remains an ideal location for environmentally-focused educational trips.

Colin Brown, sports, recreation and countryside manager at NNDC, said: “We were delighted to have the support of Holt Day Care Centre and the local volunteers to help with the second phase of our tree planting at the park. It was a great success and we were thrilled that a group effort enabled us to get a further 500 trees planted in one session. Not only will these trees help to maintain and improve this fantastic park for both our visitors and our wildlife, they will also have a positive impact on carbon emissions too.”

Nigel Lloyd, NNDC’s portfolio holder for environment (pictured) who also took part in the tree planting session, added: “The planting at Holt Country Park is another fantastic contribution towards our target of 110,000 trees in four years. It is brilliant to see the local community getting so involved.”

To support its four-year tree planting ambition, NNDC is partnering with the Woodland Trust as its main supplier of trees.

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