Mud, mud, glorious mud for Sheringham team

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Apr 28, 2014 2 mins read

A team of Sheringham folk comprised of Sheringham Lifeboat crew and members of the Tsunami Martial Arts school recently undertook the endurance event known as Tough Mudder.

The Tough Mudder event is designed by British Special Forces – a gruelling 12 mile long military-style obstacle course designed to test both mental and physical strength.

The Sheringham Team (known as Team Tsunami) travelled to the event at Culden Faw near Reading and included Steve Banks, Liam Cooper, Tony Mattocks, Paul Pretty, Adam Sexton, Alice Sizeland, Chris Taylor and Andy Trend.  Steve Banks (Sheringham RNLI helmsman) said of the event “Pain, fear, exhilaration, personal triumphs; all in abundance, but nothing beats seeing good mates make it round as a team”.

Chris Taylor explained that they had been in training for the event for many months and wanted to thank Saffron Pretty for photographing the team on the day and Hilltop Outdoor centre for allowing them to use their assault course for practice but stressed that nothing had prepared them for the 12 miles of constant mud (over 8 inches deep in many places) and the huge hill climbs (over 2500ft of vertical hill climb over the course).

“For the last few miles we were all exhausted, cold, battered and  bruised but we held together as a team until the very end, it was an incredible and unforgettable experience.  We are already planning our next Tough Mudder!”

Tough Mudder events have been taking place across the world since 2010 with over 2 million participants to date.  Obstacles include ‘The Arctic Enema’ (where participants have to swim underwater through an ice-filled shipping container), ‘The Electric Eel’ (crawling through mud and icy water while live electric wires hang overhead administering nasty electric shocks), ‘Walk the plank’ (a 15ft vertical drop into a deep water filled pit) and many more unpleasant but challenging obstacles.  The key to completing the challenge is to work as a team, something which was no stranger to the members of Team Tsunami since being part of a lifeboat crew requires everyone work closely as a team, looking out for each other in often extreme conditions.

Sheringham Tough Mudder

The team: left to right Andy Trend, Paul Pretty, Adam Bignold, Tony Mattocks, Alice Sizeland, Liam Cooper, Chris Taylor, Steve Banks.
PICTURES: Saffron Pretty

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