New group set to look at Blickling dogs solution

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May 22, 2015 2 mins read

Blickling Estate managers have agreed to form a working party with members of the public to address the tricky subject of dogs being on or off leads around the estate’s parkland and to find a satisfactory way forward.

A sometimes heated public meeting on Wednesday evening heard a range of views about the recent decision by the National Trust to ask dog walkers to have their animals on leads at all times while in the estate woods.

The decision is based on a long standing animal control bylaw and a desire by the National Trust to welcome all sorts of different types of land use by different groups of people.

But the overwhelming feeling at the meeting was from people who wanted to let their dogs off leads again and who felt irresponsible dog walkers should be dealt with in other ways.

The packed meeting, attended by well over 100 people, was addressed by Blickling’s general manager Helen Bailey and around 30 people took their turn to speak.

While the majority in the room were in favour of the ‘off lead’ option, several also spoke about compromise and the potential of ‘zoning’ – where some of the land was dedicated to dogs off leads and some land dedicated to ‘on lead’ only, with the additional potential for seasonal adjustments.

A number of volunteers have put their names down, wishing to be part of the working party. That group will look at whether zoning is possible and, if so, in what way it would operate.

After the meeting Mrs Bailey said: “We want to engage with members of the community and achieve our aim of making the park a safe and enjoyable environment for all its visitors.”


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