New school garden is a feast for the senses

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Apr 21, 2023 2 mins read

A new sensory garden is giving Kinsale Infant School pupils the perfect place to explore, have fun and relax.

The sensory garden, which complements the much-loved Forest School area, was created as a collaborative venture involving the Friends of Kinsale Infant chairperson Laura Holloway, volunteers, school staff and local businesses.

The official opening of the new sensory garden at Kinsale Infant School.

A school spokesperson said: “It is a beautiful addition to the school that will bring so much joy and wonder for years to come.

“Situated in the heart of the school, a haven of calm and magic has been created for all the children to enjoy. 

“Vibrant colours and natural materials work alongside each other to make a fun and inviting space with lots to see and explore.
“The garden is specifically designed to be used barefoot to enhance wellbeing. Features include a path made of different textures and materials which is perfect for sensory engagement and play. Water features can be touched and listened to while relaxing on one of the cosy beanbags.”
The garden also features twirling wind decorations to captivate young imaginations and a selection of soft mirrors to press where the children see themselves slightly differently depending which one they look in.

The spokesperson added: “The plants and flowers have all been chosen for their appearance and smell; everything in the garden has a purpose and a place. Two wooden wigwams with coloured windows are adorned with bunting and filled with comfy cushions which allow the area to be used whatever the weather.”

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