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May 3, 2013 1 min read

No overall control of Norfolk County Council

No party has overall control of Norfolk County Council after yesterday’s election in which all 84 seats were contested.

The new Council comprises (old 2009 Council in brackets):

Conservative 40 (60)
UKIP 15 (1)
Labour 14 (3)
Liberal Democrat 10 (13)
Green 4 (7)
Independent 1 (0)

Immediately before this election the makeup of the Council was:

58 Conservative
9 Liberal Democrat
6 Green
5 Labour
2 Independent (1 was a Conservative, 1 was Liberal Democrat)
2 Vacancies (former Conservatives – one stepped down, one became Police and Crime Commissioner).
1 Non-aligned (was a Conservative)

The County electorate was 670,383
The total number of votes cast was 215,465
The overall percentage turnout was 32.14%

Party gains and losses since 2009:

Conservatives lost 20 seats overall
Labour gained 11 seats
Liberal Democrats lost 3 seats
Greens lost 3 seats
UKIP gained 14 seats
Independent gained 1 seat.

Share of the vote in this election:
Conservative 32.6%
UKIP 23.47%
Labour 22.75%
Liberal Democrat 10.97%
Green 6.55%
Independent 3.27%
Christian People’s Alliance 0.13%
United People’s Party 0.02%
No description given on ballot paper 0.22%

Today’s results mean no party has overall control. The Conservatives are the largest party, UKIP is the main opposition party and Labour the third biggest party on the Council.

Party group meetings will be held over the next few days in the wake of the elections.

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