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North Walsham Bonus Card to give boost to local shoppers and traders

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Feb 5, 2013 2 mins read

The local Labour Party this month has launched North Walsham Bonus Card to encourage local residents to shop in the town and to boost North Walsham.

The Bonus Card entitles residents to discounts and special offers with participating retailers. So far 27 businesses have signed up and more are expected to join. Every business has a different offer for Bonus Card holders.


The North Walsham Bonus Card is being distributed to 7,500 households in North Walsham and nearby villages. Retailers taking part have posters in their windows to remind shoppers to use their card.

It is hoped the new scheme will bring savings to local shoppers, extra trade for North Walsham’s retailers, and give a boost to the town’s local economy.


Stephen Burke and David Spencer, Labour Party representatives in North Walsham, explained why they are helping local residents save money and support local businesses in North Walsham:


“Times are tough. Local families face a big squeeze on their income as austerity bites. This is having a real impact on local shops and businesses in North Walsham.


“That’s why the local Labour Party is launching the North Walsham Bonus Card to help local families and businesses and to boost the town by encouraging local shopping.


“The Bonus Card offers local residents discounts and special offers with local retailers who sign up to the scheme. It’s up to retailers what they offer Bonus Card holders. For example, it could be discounts of 5 or 10% or special offers which change each week.


“The Bonus Card is a win-win-win for local families, for local businesses and for North Walsham.”

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