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North Walsham bridge warning signs revamped

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Jun 12, 2015 3 mins read

North Walsham residents can expect fewer delays caused by bridge strikes in their town, thanks to a number of improvements to warning signs around low bridges funded jointly by Norfolk County Council and North Walsham Town Council.

The £44,000 improvements, substantially completed on Wednesday, are part of a countywide programme of bridge height restriction signing improvements. North Walsham’s bridges have been given priority due of the large number of bridge strikes in the town, the most recent of which happened last November.

As part of the work, triangular ‘warning’ signs were replaced with round ‘mandatory instruction’ ones.

They now include the bridge’s height in metres, alongside the original feet and inches, which is expected to reduce confusion amongst drivers and hopefully avert future incidents.

Signs have also been changed to reflect the influence of dips in the road, which effectively reduce headroom particularly for long vehicles travelling through them: whilst all vehicles descend as they go into the dip, longer vehicles descend less as they span across it, meaning that there is effectively less headroom for them.

The railway bridge on Cromer Road now has a ‘Vehicle Actuated Sign’ which lights up whenever a high vehicle approaches, alerting lorry drivers that a hazardous bridge lies ahead. This new marker was 50% funded by North Walsham Town Council under the Town/Parish Partnerships Initiative. The rest of the funding has been provided by Norfolk County Council.

Eric Seward, Norfolk County Council Member for North Walsham East, said “I am very pleased that between the Town Council and the County Council, funding has been found for the much-needed improvements which will help prevent lorries hitting the bridges.”

County Councillor John Timewell, member for North Walsham West and Vice-Chair of Norfolk County Council’s Environment, Development and Transport Committee, said: “I am pushing for the road to eventually be lowered under the bridge and welcome the signs as a temporary fix. HGV traffic has to have easier access to the coast and country north of the bridge if we are to promote and build better economic futures. It is clear Norfolk is at last laying road communications that are attracting business relocation and thus creating employment and as this push spreads east we must be ready to encompass it. North Walsham will play a major part in this as the gateway to an economic valley between its self and Fakenham.”

North Walsham Mayor Brenda West said “It’s great to see North Walsham Town Council working with the County Council to fund this project. I know that town residents, like myself, will be hoping to see a reduction in bridge strikes in our town.”


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