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North Walsham High School Prom Pictures

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Jun 30, 2014 2 mins read

North Walsham High School’s 2014 Prom took place at The Old Rectory in Crostwick, with over 120 Year 11 students celebrating the end of their GCSE exams.

In keeping with Prom tradition, students arrived in a dazzling variety of modes of transport, in a procession which took over an hour to make its way to the front door of the venue:

Noisiest arrival of the night was Ellie Quinton and Louise Sibley, who arrived in a black Jaguar limousine accompanied by seven black-leather-clad, Harley Davidson-riding outriders

Zoe Trevatt – who last year spent her work experience on construction sites in London – arrived on the front of a huge yellow builder’s forklift, bedecked with ribbons and bows for the occasion

Several students drove themselves to the Prom, including Olly Brown, astride a bright red ride-on lawnmower, and Luke Russell, Lewis Cresswell and Josh Webb, who rolled up on three mobility scooters

American muscle cars were also popular, with Eleanor Bridges and Jacob Shepherd arriving in a Shelby Mustang; Kayleigh Brown and Ben Warnes in a 1963 Ford Fairlane; and Carla Loades and Sam Homer-Glister turning up in a huge RAM 1500 pick-up

Several large trucks squeezed their way up the hotel’s driveway, including a massive American Kenworth truck bringing Lauren Yarham, and an equally big Scania lorry with Emma Wymer and Toby Bonham as passengers

22 students took the old-fashioned approach, hiring a 1950s Bedford charabanc for the occasion

A wide variety of sports cars conveyed students, including Porsches, Mercedes, BMWs, a Marlin, and a Morgan.  Also popular were VW campervans and, of course, white stretch limousines 

NWHS Deputy Head Chris Tooth said, “After months of really hard work, this was the time for our Year 11 students to celebrate the end of exams in the traditional manner.  Much thought and effort went into making the grand entrance, and the procession of weird and wonderful vehicles got the evening off to a great start.

“The Prom was organised by a committee of students themselves, along with our administrator Suzie Sharp, and it is a tribute to their hard work that the event was such a success.”

Words and pictures: ANDY NEWMAN

Amy Hemp Amy Hemp 2 Courtney Barrett 2 Emma Wymer, Toby Bonham Jacob Shepherd, Eleanor Bridges Lauren Yarham Zoe Trevatt

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