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North Walsham High would like to know what you’ve been up to

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Feb 2, 2015 2 mins read

North Walsham High School is appealing to former students to get in touch, as the school embarks on a project to find out where former students are, and what they have achieved since leaving the school.

An appeal on Facebook has already resulted in contact being made with former pupils as far away as Tasmania, and now the school is appealing to alumni who are still in Norfolk to come forward and let it know what they are up to now.

“The launch of our highly successful mentoring scheme last year has brought home to us just how inspiring it can be for current students to hear success stories from people who have come from a similar place to them,” said head teacher Caroline Brooker.

“Whilst we teachers can tell our young people that anything is possible if they set their hearts on it, when they hear stories direct from those who have done just that, it is far more real, and enormously motivating.

“Of course it is exciting to hear stories of former students who have ended up in far-flung places, but we realise that for many, it will be those who have chosen to stay in Norfolk whose stories will have the greatest resonance. So we are appealing to local people who attended the school to tell us their stories.”

The school would like to find out from former students:
What they did immediately after leaving the school – whether continuing their education, or moving into vocational training and/or employment.
What job they have ended up doing – and the path which took them to their current employment.
Whether what they have ended up doing matches their ambitions when they left the school, or whether they have taken a different career path.
What else they may have achieved in their lives.
The school is also asking alumni to send in a picture of them now, to be used in an in-school display.

Contact the school’s communications manager Suzie Sharp at

Caroline Brooker

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