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North Walsham residents take a stand against cold callers

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Dec 21, 2015 3 mins read

A group of citizens in North Walsham have come together to combat the threat of rogue traders in their community.

Residents of Litester Close have launched a new No Cold Calling Zone – the 145th in Norfolk – with the help of their local County Councillor Eric Seward and Norfolk County Council’s Trading Standards service.

The 27 properties in Litester Close are now equipped with stickers stating that doorstep visits by traders are unwelcome. There is also similar signage displayed on nearby lampposts. Residents initially approached Cllr Seward with questions about installing a No Cold Calling Zone as a means of minimising risk to their elderly neighbours.

Cllr Seward said: “I am delighted that residents have shown strong support for a No Cold Calling Zone. Rogue traders often prey on vulnerable people, and the success of these zones relies upon neighbours looking out for one another. I hope that residents in other streets annoyed by salespeople knocking on their doors will feel encouraged to take similar action.”

Any area can apply to become a No Cold Calling Zone as long as a majority of residents agree to the creation of the zone. A Trading Standards officer will then evaluate the area’s suitability and the potential success of the zone applied for.

Stephen Maunder, Trading Standards Community Protection Officer, said:  “No Cold Calling Zones are not enacted by Norfolk County Council, they represent the wishes of residents.  The aim of these zones is to deter unscrupulous traders by making it clear that attempted cold calls in the area will not be welcomed by residents.”

“It is the Council’s responsibility to support residents and help them feel confident in saying no to cold callers and reporting suspicious trading activity in their communities.”

One Litester Close resident, who doesn’t want to be named, said: “We’ve always been quite a close community, so when we found we were each being regularly called by people trying to sell us things – from roof cleaning to double glazing- we decided we wanted to do something about it.

“Some of these salespeople can get quite pushy, but the zone makes a difference for a number of reasons. It deters people from knocking, but if they do, it gives us the confidence to tell them to move on in no uncertain terms! It also helps to know that we are all looking out for each other.

“Since we’ve had the zone installed, I’ve had several people stop and thank me for it.”

Once a No Cold Calling Zone has been approved, Trading Standards supply residents with packs containing door stickers and relevant bits of advice and information, along with offering continued support for the zone.

To find out more information about No Cold Calling Zones, including how to apply to become one, visit


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