Now it’s the FIVE Rs…

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May 11, 2020 2 mins read

Sheringham High School head Andrew Richardson’s latest regular column looks at more changes in the way children are learning now.

About nine years ago now, we at Sheringham High relaunched our vision for teaching and learning, and it took the form of the 4Rs – Resilience (stick at it), Resourcefulness (think about it), Reflectiveness (have a strategy) and Reciprocity (work with others). These were the principles of our lessons and attitudes.

The framework was partly responsible for putting SHS in the top three or four high schools in the county for GCSE results every year since… and the top 10pc in the country!

Now, there are precious few opportunities to find silver linings in the current covid cloud, but here’s one.

Our staff teach with the 4Rs in mind and they structure their lessons so students don’t just become silent sponges soaking up what Dickens called “imperial gallons of facts”.

If you look at the 4Rs together, they work to make students use their emotions, their own minds, their connections to others and their own strategies. In short, they make our students independent!

And what better skill to have when we are in the midst of the fifth R –Remote learning?

We thank all our parents and carers who have soldiered on and made sure that students have engaged with our remote learning tasks. We are thrilled that this period of remote learning has built on our school’s ethos of independence. Well done to all!

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