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“Outstanding” student behaviour at Taverham High – Ofsted

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Nov 3, 2015 2 mins read

Taverham High School is celebrating after receiving an outstanding report from Ofsted following a recent ‘no-notice’ behaviour inspection.
An Ofsted Inspector visited the school on 23 September and was highly impressed by the personal development, behaviour and attitude of all the students he met. The Inspector spent most of the day observing students in lessons, before and after school and during break and lunchtime – he was pleased to report that he witnessed no poor behaviour at all during the inspection; indeed “students are polite, helpful and welcoming to visitors”.
He reported how students ‘enjoy positive relationships with staff and each other’, that they treat their school environment with the utmost respect and that bullying of all kinds ‘is very rare and dealt with promptly and effectively if it does occur’. Students report ‘feeling safe in all parts of the school site at all times’.
Excellent attitudes to learning in the classroom were also commented upon – students listen carefully and respect each other’s views in discussions; their work is completed with pride. Students demonstrate resilience and initiative. This commitment is also reflected in the active work of the School Council, and Leadership schemes.
Liz Plater, Headteacher, says that she is delighted. ‘In November 2012 Ofsted graded the ‘Behaviour and Safety of students’ at THS as Outstanding and the recent visit by the Inspector has confirmed that this standard has been maintained. All staff, students and Governors at THS are proud of the happy, welcoming atmosphere of mutual trust that we seek to achieve every day. We are so pleased that Ofsted have recognised this again.’




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