Paston Mathematics Challenge Autumn 2014

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Oct 22, 2014 2 mins read

On the morning of Monday 20 October 2014, Paston Sixth Form College hosted its Mathematics Challenge, an annual event which has been running since 1991, where the High Schools of North Norfolk are invited to pit their mathematical wits against each other.

This year we were glad to welcome a total of ten teams from Acle, Flegg, Broadland, Cromer, North Walsham, Aylsham and Sheringham High Schools. The prize for the winners was to carry off the prestigious Paston Challenge trophy, with its depiction in gold of the classical ‘Squaring the Square’ problem, solved by a group of young university mathematicians back in 1976.

This year’s teams, each containing four students, jousted together for the trophy over two demanding rounds of questions. Round 1 was based on the teams working together to solve six long tasks, while round two invited students to tackle quick fire questions against the clock. Subjects for questions ranged from missiles on course to hit each other in outer space, to some of Albert Einstein’s mental arithmetic, to deciphering a sequence of hieroglyphics. This year, four teams shone brightly, Acle 1 scored 188 out of 220. Just pipping them, however, were the two Broadland teams that matched each other on a score of 189 to come second equal. Carrying all before them, however just a nose in front, were Sheringham 1, on 191 points.

Kevin Grieve Principal, presented the trophy to the winners, with certificates for them and the runners-up team. He congratulated everyone there on the atmosphere of involvement and hard work. Our thanks also go to the many Paston students who helped out with the day – we could not have done it without them! The competition this year was as tight as always, and our congratulations go to the victors and to everyone who took part. Same time, same place next year!

Photo: Greg Hayward

Photo: Greg Hayward






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