Pensioner’s airport drama saved by Aylsham travel agent

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Jun 27, 2014 3 mins read

Aylsham pensioner Joan Gerrie was full of praise for local company CAS travel after they stepped in to help when she found herself stranded in Spain after visiting her family.

Joan, 79, was left at Malaga Airport on her own with hardly any money after her flight home was cancelled along with others when they could not travel through French airspace.

“My family had dropped me off and I had given the children my spare Euros as they were off on holiday themselves,” she said. “I thought I would be back at Stansted by early lunchtime but not so. I was in tears.”

Joan, who lives at Swan Close, had to go back through security and wait with the thousands of others in a similar situation. And she thought there was no hope of another flight until the team at CAS stepped in.

“They must have called the airport to say I was on my own and I was given the last seat on a flight back to East Midlands, where they had arranged for me to stay at a hotel walking distance of the airport. They also phoned my husband who was able to collect me and take me back to my car at Stansted,” she said.

CAS also gave her a call to reassure her. “I would have had to have stayed at the airport at Malaga with the thousands waiting had they not helped,” she said. “We are so lucky to have them in Aylsham and I can’t thank them enough.”

It was the first time she had visited the local travel agents and also praised them for efficiently sorting out her flight at short notice. “My grand-daughter was ill and wanted me to visit so I said I would if I could get the flight,” she said.

Jo Dobbie, branch manager at CAS in Aylsham, said she was delighted to have been able to help Joan but it was all in a day’s work for her team.

“A lot of businesses say customer service is paramount but this proves for us it is. We are always ready, willing and able to support our clients, something which isn’t always available with booking online,” she said.

Jo and her team had checked through their clients’ list to see who had been affected by the air traffic control strikes and realised Joan was travelling on her own. “We really felt her anxiety and were pleased to be able to help,” said Jo.

Mrs Gerrie pictured with CAS Travel staff Jo Dobbie and Alison Barran.

Mrs Gerrie pictured with CAS Travel staff Jo Dobbie and Alison Barran.



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