Plan adds more new homes to Aylsham developments

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Feb 1, 2021 3 mins read

Writing in the latest edition of Just Aylsham, the Town Council explained some important changes to a local planning blueprint.

As many of you may know the Greater Norwich Local Plan (GNLP) was published last year that said there would be an allocation of 300 houses in a development off Burgh Road. 

This Plan was produced by a partnership of three district councils, Norwich, South Norfolk and Broadland.  There were opportunities for people and local parish and town councils to forward their opinions on these plans.  A number of Aylsham residents and the Town Council did take part in this consultation.

It came as a surprise to the Town Council when we heard in December that the plan was changed to include more than 5,000 more houses in the Greater Norwich area, 250 of which were to be in Aylsham.  This would mean that there will be a new housing development on a site off Burgh Road and another off Norwich Road, with a total of 550 new houses for Aylsham.  There is to be no full consultation on these changes as the GNLP board, supported by the district councils have said that the consultation was held in 2019 and 2020, even though in the case of Aylsham that was for 300 houses, not 550.

Our disquiet at both these changes and the lack of consultation have been voiced at the Cabinet meeting of Broadland and at other meetings by our district councillors.  However, the plans have been passed and will be published in February. 

The Town Council and also some of the members as individuals, will send our comments to the GNLP, but I am sure it would benefit Aylsham if a significant number of residents also put in their comments.
The procedure for the nature of any consultation is below from the GNLP draft document.


“The next stage of the plan-making process allows for comments to be made on the legal compliance and soundness of the Local Plan before submitting it to the Planning Inspector for independent examination in public.  This means:

Has the plan been prepared in accordance with all legal and procedural requirements?

Does the plan meet the prescribed tests of soundness?

The current timetable is for the publication draft version of the GNLP to be available for comment from February 1 – March 15.  Details of how to comment, along with definitions of legal compliance and soundness, will be provided on the GNLP website at that time.
Comments made in accordance with the above will be considered by the Councils before they decide whether to submit the Plan to the Government for independent examination.  If the Plan is submitted, the comments will also be provided to the Inspector to consider as part of their examination of the Plan.”

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