Plan to introduce on-street parking meters scrapped

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Mar 10, 2016 2 mins read

A controversial plan to introduce on-street parking meters to Cromer and Sheringham has been stopped in its tracks after the District Council urged a rethink.

Plans to bring in on-street parking had been suggested by Norfolk Parking Partnership, which is operated by Norfolk County Council.

A statement was sent to officers of the Norfolk Parking Partnership Joint Committee setting out NNDC’s concerns.

John Rest, North Norfolk District Council Cabinet Member for assets said: “This is a great result. It’s been a huge worry to the people in our district and Norfolk Parking Partnership has made the right decision.

“As Cabinet member I invited ward members in to talk through the county’s proposals; at that meeting councillors were keen for all options to be explored to see if the costs of parking enforcement could be reduced or if parking could be enforced more locally.

“Our belief is that more time needs to be spent looking into the issue in far more detail and that if this approach had been adopted in the first place it would have given a full understanding of the options and opportunities.”

At the meeting councillors agreed to ask whether the Norfolk Parking Partnership Joint Committee had fully explored all the options for reducing the costs of parking enforcement before looking to raise additional funds from putting in parking meters.

Judy Oliver, Cabinet Member for Legal Services and ward member for Sheringham South added: “Any changes to the present car parking enforcement scheme must be carefully considered, evidence-based and rational. A scheme that does not meet those criteria would be vulnerable to challenge by way of judicial review. We are keen to establish a way forward that is reasonable, fair and effective and we will consider all options to achieve that result.”

Nigel Pearce, ward member for Suffield Park, Cromer, added: “I’m really pleased with the decision to drop the proposed on-street parking plans. If it had gone through it would have taken money out of the area without bringing any benefit to our two seaside towns.”

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